Crops application - Citrus fruits : Controlled irrigation and optimized production

Telaqua helps with management of irrigation for citrus crops. Discover how our solution can support you to control and optimize productions on daily basis.

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Better control, better yields

Citrus trees are sensitive to water stress


If water is not provided regularly, the plant and its fruits will not develop uniformly. Your trees may then experience premature dropping of flowers and young fruits; you may eventually face loss in size and fruits may burst at the latest stages of ripening.

Control these risks and the profitability of your farm by controlling the water supply to your plant.

Telaqua monitoring benefits citrus growing


Using precision irrigation, you can be sure of providing the right amount of water and nutrients straight to your plant’s surface roots. Close monitoring and remote control of your system helps you control the irrigation and nutrition of your trees. Irrigation management for citrus can be profitable for your crops.

Save 30% on your consumption while ensuring uniform, healthy and fertile production.

Citrus trees are sensitive to diseases


Without precise visibility of your irrigation volumes, you risk harming good development of your citrus fruits.

Indeed, if citrus crops are over-irrigated, the roots are exposed to the risk of developing fungal diseases (such as Phytophthora), which can cause significant damage to your harvest.

The Telaqua solution helps you protect your crops


With controlled irrigation management for citrus, even remotely, you can protect yourself from the health risks to which these fruits are exposed.

While also saving water, time and energy and reducing your production costs.

The advantages of connected irrigation for precision agriculture


Monitoring your irrigation systems remotely means ensuring your equipment remains in good condition and your crops stay healthy.

To start with connecting the pressure to the key points of your systems, you ensure you keep an eye on your irrigation cycles while also calmly tackling other tasks.

By connecting water consumption and flow rate, you can track and log previous irrigation cycles, but also adjust your irrigation supplies through a single interface.

To go further, you can control these supplies to match the real needs of your crops, using weather information and soil humidity and temperature data reported directly on IrrigEasy.

Solution Telaqua Mobile et Desktop Irrigeazy

Did you know?


The arrival of citrus fruits in the Mediterranean Basin dates only from the fourth century BCE, when the citron was introduced by Alexander the Great.

Today, citrus cultivation is spread over five continents, but they originate from the subtropical climes and humid forests of East Asia.

The lemon, orange, mandarin and grapefruit, along with about twenty other species (and several thousand varieties), belong to the Citrus genus.