Customer case studies

The Telaqua solution for your crops


200 hectares


How do you rationalise irrigation and divide the volume of water needed to produce 1 kg of almonds by 3 ?

  • Adapt irrigation schedules throughout the season and program pumps and valves remotely
  • Monitor water status in real time, to make it easier for teams in the field to react.
  • Use a centralised irrigation management and data control platform: pressure, flow, tension, consumption, etc.

The solution has been implemented:

  • At the pumping station and terminal level
  • At the electrovalve level  
  • At the application level: centralisation of data from all farms, with dedicated access per operator.

Charentais vineyard : Viticulture, irrigation and certification

100 hectares


How do you homogenise yields and maturities, while meeting the CEC Cognac environmental certification requirements?

  • Ensure daily traceability of irrigation
  • Test soils before valves and pumps are turned on
  • Coordinate irrigation and fertigation schedules
  • Alert in the event of operational anomalies

The 40-year-old installation has been enhanced by :

  • 7 Agromotes, to connect all the vineyard equipment: pumps, valves, water meter and filter
  • 21 pressure sensors, at the outlet of each valve and at the inlet and outlet of each filter
  • 3 capacitive probes, tools for triggering irrigation

Fruit production in Africa : A multinational, multi-producer company that works on cas-by-case basis

4000 hectares


How do you support irrigation management and monitoring for a company present in several countries?

  • Send alerts on of pressure and flow measurements
  • Track and centralise operational commands
  • Control water consumption
  • Report on the electricity consumption of the system

The objectives are achieved using :

  • A grid and a sectorisation of the key points to be monitored by farm
  • Specific report for hydraulic engineers, agronomists and irrigation managers
  • A dashboard that centralises all operational commands